The USINESONORE association takes pride in sharing its passion for contemporary music and exploring new sound worlds!

Percussion workshops are organised for schools, as part of the Education and Culture program of the canton of Bern. These workshops can take different aspects from the discovery of instruments and their fabrication and usage to the preparation of a show. Find out more about our offers here and here.

During the USINESONORE festival, special attention is brought to young audiences, each time in a different way: be it through young audience productions (2014), a special creation with a school class (2012), pieces ordered specially to be performed by children (2010, 2014), or young instrumentalist concerts dealing with the festival’s theme (2008), we make sure that our young audiences get a chance to be involved. School shows containing explanations and participative moments are also offered at each edition.

When preparing a new series of concerts, the association regularly offers previews on the Malleray Bévilard site. In a relaxed atmosphere, the audience gets to talk to the artists, ask questions and discover the scores and instruments being used.

On tour, commented concerts for children and adults are regularly organised. That way, we offer audiences the possibility to get a feeling for our artistic approach by giving examples, analysing pieces and making them participate with the interpretation of several extracts.